Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skype like application from Facebook ???

Source: eweek / strand consultants

Here is an article referring to Facebook and I must admit the article is well written. But I am not quite optimistic about Facebook VoIP making a big entry in to the VoIP market and becoming 'skype killer'.

Main reason: Privacy..

Skype is a simple VoIP application and most importantly it doesn't offer more than your Skype ID, and optionally your total number of contacts, date of birth. That's it. It doesn't share where were you born or your photographs or how is your friends.

It is simply an extension of your mobile / desk phone and offers an excellent way to reach your family, friends (vice-versa). On the other hand Facebook is a platform which enables you to share the information on your personal activities.

I've seen many people printing their Skype ID on their business cards and in their websites/blogs. But so far I've not seen them doing the same with Facebook. Why ?

If FB thinks that by simply putting a VoIP copy cat application and can get a billion dollars then I'm sure Google, Microsoft, Yahoo & even Cisco (with it's latest WebEx) can share a lesson or two to Facebook :)

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