Saturday, August 6, 2011

Google SMS, Singapore not supported yet..

Source: Google/Gmail SMS

Wondering why Singapore/India not added to the list. I see philippines in the list and infact I've tried it during last week when I was there for a biz trip. Seems pretty good and saved few $ on roaming charges. When I need to contact the local parties, just send a sms from gmail :)

Wish to see it in Singapore. Though the internet SMS from SingTel (here), StarHub (here), & M1 (here) I prefer Gmail as I don't have to worry about which operator the number belongs to. Oh yeah, the above links works only if the destination number is their own. i.e. you can login to singtel website and send to SingTel mobile subscriber but not to starhub or m1.

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  1. It's all about dollar and cents. If they support this, and it's free, they'll be losing out on a big chunk of financial inflow.

  2. Agree. But instead of losing money to whatsapp,viber/ichat it'd be much better to open to OTT players.