Monday, July 25, 2011

7th call to M1 and I guess I broke all my records of holding time

Today I've to call M1/Mobile One again, regarding my Fixed voice. If I can summarize the problem with Customer Service is that they don't know what they have to do. They are pretty good guys, not rude and you can get the line within 5 to 8 min holding period. But the number of handovers and 'holdings' will kill you. I'm not sure the story is like, ok guys lets go for a coffee and put the customer on hold.

My request was 'on hold' for 40 mins and the problem is Customer officer "trying" to find how to register my e-mail ID so that I can get "E-Bill". Strange. These days ebill should be pretty basic and when I look at SingTel and SH, they've been doing it for years. What I can think is, M1 just started rolling out services in Fiber broadband without proper homework/preparation. I suspected this when I received a bill with wrong first name and last name as well as service description...

Hope the darling of stock market will be the darling of customers..;)

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